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Change Log

Discover the history of all the Booster Addons creative bundle updates.

Release 1.4.3

-Animated Heading : New Animation Type Line Reveal.
-Animated Heading : Fixed duration control not affecting all animations.
-Animated Heading : Fixed animation timing control not working properly.
-Animated Heading : Fixed delay control not affecting all animations.

Release 1.4.2

-List Info Box : Fixed bug related to the connector width size and horizontal alignment.
-Swap Image : Added the option to use click instead of hover as a trigger for swapping.

Release 1.4.1

-Modern Image : Added Frame Vertical Size Control.
-Modern Image : Added Frame Horizontal Size Control.
-Modern Image : Fixed Movement Sensitivity max value lower than default value.
-Modern Image : Fixed some animations behavior.

Release 1.4
-New Widget : Creative Content Slider.
-New Extension : Cross Domain Copy Paste.
-New Extension : Element Reveal Animation.
-New Templates : 14 new Amazing pre made templates.
-New Blocks : +60 new blocks.
-New : Added more than 10 new decoration shapes.
-New : Added more than 10 new image masking shapes .
-Tweak : Added row tooltip for -Price Box widget.
-Tweak : Fancy text cursor content type.
-Bug Fix : Fancy Text cursor color bug fix.
-Bug Fix : Background decoration in the editor for inner sections.
-Bug Fix : Background gradient in the editor for inner sections.
-UPDATED : Updated the code to support Elementor 3.x

Release 1.3.2
- Bug Fixes : Text color issue in Safari browser.

Release 1.3.1
- Bug Fixes : 3D Tilt hover effect issues in the Modern Image widget.
- Bug Fixes : Modal anything content source issue.
- New Free Widget : Fullscreen content slider with custom design & effects.

Release 1.3
- Improvement : The  Advanced Heading widget is available for free now.
- New Extension - CSS Transform : This extension will allow you to apply css transform values for your elements such as scale, translate rotate and more.
- New Extension - Image Shape Masking : An amazing feature for all your images widgets that will display the images in a unique shapes.
- New - Booster Library : New well designed blocks and templates ready to be used with just one click.
- Bug Fixes : Minor CSS & JS fixes and improvements.

Release 1.2.3
- Image Banner : Added the image banner button margins.
-Price Listing Fix : Fixed the center layout for short text description.

Release 1.2.2
- New Extension : Background Objects Decoration : add shapes & objects to your sections background with custom effects & animations
- 25 New Templates : A huge update to our home templates library with beautifully crafted home pages
- Bug Fixes : Minor CSS & JS fixes and improvements

Release 1.2.1
- Bug Fix : Modern Image link issue fixed
- Bug Fix : Testimonial Slider container border issue
- Bug Fix : WooCommerce Widgets loading issue fixed
- New Options : Possibility to display the vertical skillbar name in the top or bottom position
- Premium : Added the static templates tabs
- New Premium Widget : WooCommerce Products Slider
- New Premium Widget : WooCommerce Advanced Products
- New Premium Widget : WooCommerce Categories

Release 1.2

- New Widget : WooCommerce Modern Product

- New Widget : WooCommerce Products List

- New Widget : Woo Commerce Products Category

- Improvement : Lightbox Gallery massive images upload
- Improvement : Simple Image Slider massive images upload with custom links
- Improvement : CSS & JavaScript improvements
- Bug Fix : Background Parallax (automove)
- Bug Fix : Other minor fixes

Release 1.1.1

- Bug Fix : List info box hover effects
- Bug Fix : Alert Box close icon
- Bug Fix : Countdown right alignment

Release 1.1

- New : Background Parallax extension
- New : Animated background gradient extension
- New : Reading progress + radial reading progress extension
- New : Elements Parallax onScroll extension
- New : Advanced Tooltip extension
- New : Particle Effects extension
- New : Advanced Backgrounds extension
- Bug Fix : Icon chooser hover effect

Release 1.0.2

- Modern Image Widget : Fixed overlay issue
- Bug Fix : Issue in the Booster Addons admin panel

Release 1.0.1

- Bug Fix : Issue in the Booster Addons admin panel

Initial Release 1.0 -  01 January 2020

The birth of Booster Addons

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