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Background Objects Decoration

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What is Background Objects Decoration?
Where can I find the extension?
Background Objects Decoration Settings

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What is Background Objects Decoration?

Background Objects Decoration is an extension that can be enabled on any Elementor section. This extension allows you to add shapes shapes and objects to your sections background with custom styling, effects, and animations. In addition, you can use parallax and auto moving styles to add further design to your sections.

Where can I find the extension?

1.  Go to the edit section area.

2.  Click on the Style tab.

3.  Now head to Background Objects Decoration and enable the option.

Background Objects Decoration

You can add an object item to the list by clicking on add item at the bottom of this section. Here are the options available for each item.

  • Choose Object Decoration : Choose a shape from one of the many available in the list.

Pro Version : If you have purchased the Booster Addons Pro you can upload your own SVG shapes using the admin panel.

  • Object Size : Define the desired size for the chosen shape.
  • Object Color : Select a color for the shape. Both solid and gradient colors can be used.
  • Object Alignment & Position : Horizontally and vertically align the object inside the containing section..
  • Object Rotate : Rotate the object. Increase the number to rotate right, decrease the number to rotate left.
  • Object Margin : Define margin values to accurately position the object inside the section.
  • Show Effect : Select a show effect. This effect will be used to display the object. For example, 'Slide Left' will make the object appear from the left side of the screen.

-: Define the show effect animation speed.

-: Define the show effect animation delay, after which the object will be displayed.

  • Enable Infinite Rotate : Enable this option if u want to use an infinite rotate animation. The options available are Right and Left.

-Infinite Rotate Speed : Define the speed of the rotate animation.

  • Animation Type : This option offers you 3 additional ways to animate the object.

Parallax Hover : The object will be animated using the mouse movement.

-Parallax Sensitivity : Define a sensitivity for the parallax. The higher this number, the more aggressive and faster the animation

Parallax onScroll : The object will be animated using page scrolling (when the user scrolls over the section).

-Parallax Vertical Sensitivity : Control the vertical movement for the object parallax. Positive number will result in the object moving to the top, negative number to the bottom.

-Parallax Horizontal Sensitivity : Control the horizontal movement for the object parallax. Positive number will result in the object moving to the left, negative number to the right.

Move Around : An animation that will make the object will slowly float around towards different directions.

-Move Around Styles : Choose one of the 6 styles available. Each style changes the direction and speed of the animation.

  • Hide on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile : Use these controls if you want to hide this object on a specific device.

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