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Image Shape Mask

Preview Extension
Preview Extension
What is Image Shape Mask?
Where can I find the extension?
Image Shape Mask Settings

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What is Image Shape Mask?

Image Shape Mask is a Booster Addons extension that can be enabled on a number of Image widgets to create a shaped layer on top of your image and give it extra style. You can click the preview extension at the top of this page to have a visual example.

Where can I find the extension?

This extension can be found on the following widgets:

Elementor Widgets : Content Tab


-Image Box

-Image Carousel

-Basic Gallery





Booster Addons Widgets : Style Tab

-Icon Box

-Image Swap

-Modern Image 

-Image Card Slider

-Simple Images Slider

-Showcase Image

-Filter Showcase Images

-Filter Images

Image Shape Mask

Here are the options available for the Image Shape Mask.

  • : Choose if you want to use Booster Addons default shapes or a custom shape.

Custom Shape (PRO): If you are a Booster Addons PRO user, choosing this option will allow you to upload an SVG Image and use it as a shape.

Note: Please make sure yout have enabled the SVG upload on your Website.

  • : Choose mask shape for a great number of shapes available in the list.

  • Mask Shape Position: Position the mask shape on your image.

Mask Shape Size

  • Mask Shape Repeat: Select a repeat behavior for the mask shape. The default value is no repeat.

  • Mask Shape Size: Select a standard mask shape size or choose the custom option if you want to manually set the size. 

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