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Particle Effects

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Preview Extension
What is Particle Effects?
Where can I find the extension?
Particle Effects Settings
How do I create a Particle Effects animation?

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What is Particle Effects?

Particle Effects is a Booster Addons extension that can be enabled on any Elementor section. This extension allows you to create awesome background animations using the open source particles.js library and vincentgarreau amazing interface.

Where can I find the extension?

1.  Head to the edit section area.

2. Under the layout section, enable the particle effects extension.

Particle Effects Settings

Here are the options available for the Particle Effects extension.

  • Container Z-Index : Using this control to define which element is on top in case you have overlapping elements.
  • Particle JSON settings : This is where you will paste the json containing the animation options and design.

How do I create a Particle Effects animation?

To create an aniamtion follow these steps.

1-Go to to VincentGarreau interface.

2. Make the appropriate changes (A video tutorial will be coming soon).

3. Once you are finished with the modifications, click on export current config (json).

4. Open the downloaded file with any text editor ( in our case the amazing sublime text editor) and copy its content.

5. Replace the default settings by pasting the copied text in the Particle JSON settings area.

That's it ! Now you have the previously created animation in Elementor!

You will notice that the background color has not changed, this is normal, as we don't want to override the default Elementor background options. You can simply change the background color using Elementor advanced tab.


A video tutorial will be coming up soon, so stay tuned!

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