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Animated Heading

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Getting Started

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# Getting started

Every web page needs a heading and the animated heading gives extra visual prowess to your headings.Choose an animation type and control everything from the direction to the delay to craft the heading that your web page needs.

You can find more about this widget down below.


In the content section, you will define the heading text and alternate the animation options.

  • Heading : This text control will represent the content of your heading.
  • Alignement :  Horizontally align your heading in the containing section.
  • Animation Type :  Choose normal if you want a simple animation or reveal for a more stylish version.
  • Animation Direction :  Choose the animation direction.This can be set to top, left, bottom, or right.
  • Duration :  Control the animation duration.The higher this number is, the more time it will take for the the animation to complete.The lower this number is, the faster the animation speed will be.
  • Animation Timing :  Choose the animation timing from the different options available.This is where you can change the behavior of the animation.For example, if you want the animation to be slower at the start or faster at the end.
  • Animation Delay :  Set up the animation delay.This essentially means after how many seconds you want the animation to start.


Under the styling tab section, you have the tools to style both the heading and the animation.

  • Styling

-Typography & Text Color : Change the heading font family, font size, color, and all the other text properties.

-Padding & Background Color : Control the element inner space and change the background color.Changing the background color is how you can alternate the animation color.

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