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Getting Started
Elements & Text Styling

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# Getting started

The countdown widget is a great tool to represent the remaining time before the start of an event or anything that is scheduled. Choose from multiple layouts, control the date format, and fully customize the colors scheme for your countdown.

Let's dive in on how to utilize this widget.


Define a date and change the layout and alignment.

  • Choose a date : Click on the control and scroll through the calendar to find the required date. You can also define a specific time with the hours and minutes controls at the bottom of the calendar.
  • Layout & Alignment :  Choose a layout style and align the widget according to your needs.


Customize the date format and freely change the text for each component of the chosen date format.

  • Date components :  Enable or disable the year, month, week and all the date components to create your own date format.
  • Date components text :  You have full control over the displayed text for both singular and plural forms of the date components.


Under the styling tab section, you will choose a heading style and customize the text properties, colors, and margins for all the text components of the widget.

  • Element Styling

Control the margins and padding and customize the background color scheme.

-Background Color : You can apply a solid single color, or a gradient color with custom directions.

-Borders & Shadows : Customize borders for the container, apply border radius & shadows too.

-Margins & Padding : Control both the inner space and outer space for your widget by changing these settings.

  • Digit Styling & Unit Styling

Customize the countdown digits and units color, text properties, background....

-Typography & Color : Customize the font family and text properties, and also apply a solid or gradient color however you like.

-Borders & Shadows : Customize borders for the container, apply border radius & shadows too.

-Distances : Control the margins & distances between each element.

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