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# Getting started

The simple images slider offers you a simple yet effective way to showcase your images on your web pages by using a slider.Each testimonial has avatar image, a name, and some text.Upload your images, customize the style and configure the slider settings, and you are good to go.

Lets go over the options provided by this great widget.


The images content is where you will manage your images.You can add an image to the list by clicking on the add item button at the bottom of this section.You can also duplicate an image item and delete images.

  • Choose image : This is where you will select or upload the desired image.


This tab is going to be used to style your widget.You can start by changing the style for the your images.Add borders, shadows, and customize the shape.

  • Images Styling

-Active Image Styling : Enable this if you to have a separate design for the active image.

-Image & Active Image : Select​ which image state you want to customize.Image for the inactive image state and active for the current displayed image.Note that all the options below will only affect the selected state.

-Image Radius : Control the image radius in order to change the image shape.

-Borders & Shadows : Add a border for the images with the possibility to customize the width and color, and apply a box shadow to create unique effects.

Slider Styling Settings

Under the avatar styling, you can find the slider styling settings section.This section is going to be used to customize the slider design and to enable additional features.

  • Slider Navigation

You can enable and customize the slider navigation for the widget.



-Button Layout

-Navigation Colors

-Distance Between Dots

-Navigation Area Margins

  • Slider Arrows

Enable the slider arrows and change everything about their style and position.

-Enable Arrow Navigation
-Arrow Style
-Arrow Background Size & Background Radius
-Arrow & Background Color
-Arrow Position


To the right of the content and style tabs, you will find the settings tab.This tab is mainly going to be used to configure the functional settings of the slider and to change the slider behavior for tablets and phones.

  • Slider Settings

General Settings

-Slider Type




-Adaptative Height & Center Mode

-Center Mode

Slides Settings

-Slides to Scroll
-Enable Opacity
-Enable Scale
Desktop Slider Settings, Tablet Slider Settings, Phone Slider Settings
-Break Point : This option is only available for the tablet and phone devices.Define at which width should the widget switch from the default slides to show value (desktop value is the default value) to the tablet/phone slides to show values.Same applies to the center mode if its enabled.

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